Preparing Samples for the ChilliPot - Scoville meter

On this page we describe how to prepare samples for the ChilliPot based on what type of Chilli Products/Foods/Samples you have.

Testing with the ChilliPot is easy, not requiring specialist equipment or trained personnel. Sample preparation simply requires taking a representative portion in the correct consistency and mixing with ChilliPot buffer at the recommended ratios.

We advise mixing only powders or fluid consistency (paste or sauce-like) samples directly to the Chillipot buffer. All other samples, including whole peppers or foodstuffs, should be ground or blended to form a powder or puree-like consistency depending on the wetness of the original sample. These can then be mixed with the Chillipot buffer. The Chillipot buffer has been optimized to extract the capsaicin sample and to condition the capsaicin for analysis. Extraction efficiency is improved by mixing the Chillipot buffer with homogenous high surface area samples such a powders and fluids.  

Ready meals or processed foods can also be tested with the ChilliPot. These are first prepared as per cooking instructions on label. The aim is to test the sample as it would be consumed by the customer. By cooking the sample and then testing a representative portion, the Chillipot result represents the pungency experienced by the consumer.