Testing Crushed Powder, Ground Chilli Powder, Chilli Flakes and Seeds

The Akbar Method

1. Take a fist-sized portion of the chilli or peppers and slice into chunks.

2. Transfer the cut portions to a food processor or grinder. 

3. Blend the sample until a homogenous pulp is produced. It should have the consistency of a puree or powder depending on the wetness of the original sample.  

4. Transfer 1g of the sample to a tube followed by 4ml of the Chillipot buffer. 

5. Shake the tube vigorously for a several minutes and then allow the sample to rest for 5 minutes.

6. Activate the Chillipot app. Select the matrix and dilution used. When requested, insert an electrode into the ChilliPot.

7. Transfer 50µl of sample on to the electrode. Ensure all the electrode test area is covered with sample. Use the pipette tip to spread the sample if necessary. 

8. Initiate the analysis by running the app.