17. September 2020
One of our scientists recently tested a chill powder, an oil, and a sauce using FoodSense, each sample was tested five times; see the results below.
07. May 2019
In the table below the ZP Chilli Technology Group has suggested different dilutions for different levels of hotness of chilli sauces. We ask you to think whether you think it is Extra Hot, Hot, Medium or Mild. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your technical questions.
22. April 2019
The ZP Chilli Technology Group will be exhibiting at the IFT New Orleans - Annual Meeting and Food Expo.
10. April 2019
Zimmer and Peacock were delighted to attend ASTA 2019.
28. January 2019
The ZP Chilli Technology Group is exhibiting at the ASTA 2019 Annual conference in Florida from April 7 to 9.
28. September 2018
Watch the video below to see how we can use the ChilliPot - Scoville Meter in just about anywhere, including Nandos.
15. September 2018
The ZP Chilli Sensor has been honoured by one of our customers who has put our logo on the bottle next to the Scoville Score.
10. May 2018
In the links below we have linked to technical articles regarding the ChillIPot Scoville Meter.
29. April 2018
The ChilliPot - Scoville Meter is the only technology for measuring the hotness of chillies driven from the iPhone. ZP uses the iPhone as part of our commitment to having an easy to use customer friendly experience when determining the hotness of a chilli or chili derived product.
17. April 2018
ZP Chilli Technology Group were delighted to exhibit at the ASTA 2018 conference at the Ritz Carlton Resort. On this page we have put a video of a live real time demo of the ChillIPot - Scoville meter for measuring the SHU performed at the ASTA conference.

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